Are you an entrepreneur seeking for the right business opportunity to start off?

Starting something out on your own is never easy, especially if your passion is in the Food & Beverage (F&B) industry. However, why let that deter you when you can join Big Stick’s amazing franchise programme?

Big Stick’s Korean BBQ skewer recipes originate from Korea, the HQ and franchisor. As the Master Licensor in Malaysia, Big Stick has full authority over how the recipes are to be delivered here, and franchisees will liaise with the local management team instead of being bounded by policies set of a foreign team.

Big Stick Malaysia


We at Big Stick are strong advocates of win-win situations. What’s the point when only one party wins and the other loses bitterly when it is actually possible to get a win-win situation where everyone leaves the table happy, right?

To push Big Stick growing from the heart of Kuala Lumpur right up to the borders of Malaysia, we have an ambitious goal in mind for the year 2020: to open up 20 outlets across Malaysia so that everyone will get a taste of this tasty Korean BBQ snack. To go far and fast, we believe in growing as a strong network rather than going at it alone. We’ve got a great product at hand, while you’ve got the resources, so when these two combined, don’t they become the perfect opportunity for a super booming business?

As a result, the franchise program has been developed for entrepreneurs who are keen to grow aggressively and reap the rewards of a potentially huge opportunity presented right here in Malaysia. The doors are open wide, and you are invited to join this remarkable journey should you choose to accept it.



Throughout your journey with us from the beginning starting at setup, to providing marketing assistance and down to operations training, support will be provided to you extensively to ensure that success is not far at hand. Our list of support goes longer than this page alone, so drop us an inquiry regarding our franchise program and we will walk you through how it works and the support you can get.




Some 15 years ago, Malaysians were introduced to a Korean drama series that quickly became a global sensation. Our love for all things Korean – food, fashion, beauty, drama, music and so on – quickly escalated into an indescribable passion even until today.

An insight from a study conducted has also reported that Malaysians absolutely love Korean food, one part due to it featuring Spicy food, a common love between both Malaysians and Koreans. That just goes without saying that Korean cuisine is definitely one that suits Malaysians’ taste buds.

In its local market, the business has got more than 20 outlets dishing out Korean BBQ skewers up to thousands almost every day, while in another land – China, the expansion has been enormous from zero to more than 40 outlets in mere 2 years. Regardless of where the market is, there is one solid conclusion that can be drawn from these awesome results – its tastes are irresistible, and the word-of-mouth is simply amazing.

Imagine what could happen in Malaysia, where the love for Korean cuisine and culture is strong?

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